SpeechTexter dictation for more productivity


PM Bottom:  a useful tool for anyone who regularly composes posts, emails, ANYTHING.  Saves major time and repetitive motions.  I know many of you do things on mobile devices, but sometime I need to use my trusty computer and SpeechTexter dictation is now a regular part of that.


This free tool takes pretty darn good dictation. It only works with chrome, though.

For each vipkid class I teach online I need to do feedback. This allows me to do it very quickly.

I’m also dictating this post using it. Yes, it sounds kind of silly to say things like “should I write this sentence question mark What do you think comma ladies question mark I think I should period”
I’m actually a pretty fast typist but my most convenient laptop doesn’t have a great keyboard. Also, in the past I’ve dealt with some wrist pain from all my computer work so I do like to dictate when possible.
So if you would like to speak rather than type your email correspondence, blog post, class feedback, or anything else, go check this out!

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