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Slowing Down after Accident

On June 23, I was involved in a tragic and fatal bus crash while chaperoning my kids’ youth group. My kids and I survived with some injuries.

I have a road ahead of me for physical healing. What used to take me minutes now takes a great amount of time and physical exertion. We also have a long road ahead in regards to mental and spiritual healing.

As such, I must slow down my blogging, at least in the short term. My hope is I’ll gear up again. I have so many ideas I’ve been wanting to develop and share!!!

Additionally, running a blog involves monthly expenses. In order to meet those, I still need to promote and engage some. So I’ll still send out some sales announcements, even if they’re not the carefully crafted messages I enjoy sending. I will also point out:

  • my PRODUCTS PAGE (products I created), in case you have been considering any of them. Now is a great time!
  • my gift guide page.
  • please follow me on social media (look to the right for the links) so that when I gear up again, you’ll see me doing so.
  • please share my site, posts and products with others that you think may benefit.

Thank you so much for your support these years. I hope to continue sharing useful information and helpful hints again very soon. I’m not sure how public I want to make my recovery/healing journey. If you’d like to stay updated, I’ll probably send those updates to my subscribers and do a few on FaceBook, but not necessarily put them all here on the blog. I’m still working that out.

ADDED AUGUST 2022 for the Plan To Eat Podcast listeners:

I mentioned the bus crash but failed to tie it in like I had intended.  Right after, my Freezer Meal Club was able to jump into action. They already had meals ready because we were supposed to meet upon my return.  So right away we had those meals.  And there were 7 other families with various injuries in our church and the club jumped in to feed them all!  It’s really a beautiful way to support your community directly, in both happy and challenging times.  You can also bless club members OR anyone else outside the club who needs help. Recently my club has belssed one of our members who has Covid at their house and another just going through a tough time.  So it helps us as moms/families in a very practical way, but can be so much more!

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