The Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Productivity While Working from Home

An increasing number of people had started working from home even before the pandemic hit the globe. And thanks to technologies like Slack, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts, people had to wave goodbye to long commutes to work. It is now no longer necessary to be in your office; you can work from home.

However, working from home can be a bit challenging. You must determine when to work, where to work and how to establish boundaries between your work and personal life. You will also need office equipment and the ability to build a long-lasting relationship with your colleagues while still working from home. With all this, you still have to be productive.

Ways to Increase your Productivity while Working from Home

Create a schedule and stick to it

Establishing a schedule is the easiest and fastest way to increase your productivity.  This is because flexibility is a wonderful aspect when it comes to working from home. But, have you realized how hard it is to change up things you are used to doing?

Ensure that you create a schedule and stick to it if you want to stay organized throughout the day. Start and end every day with a similar routine, and with time you will have an easy time balancing your work and personal life.

Shifting from work mode to home mode will be a lot easier when you have a flexible routine to follow. And by setting regular hours for yourself, you will be more accountable to yourself and your superiors.

When creating a schedule, there are some things that you need to consider. For instance:

  • The time of the day when you are most effective
  • When your superiors need you to be available
  • When you will be communicating with your customers and co-workers

I love love love using Artful Agenda to stay on track! My other favorite planners are Planner Pads and The Perfect Notebook.

Create clear boundaries between your work and personal life

Work is essential, but that doesn’t mean that you neglect your other life. Avoid extending your work hours into your home time; you will be at risk of burning yourself out if you do that.

Always keep your work and personal life separate. This will help you be more productive and reduce stress.  Stay thoughtful about creating boundaries since the boundaries are the things that will help you stop working once you are done for the day.

It might be easy to slide back into your work mode, but with clear boundaries in place, you will be able to work and relax whenever you need to.

Choose a suitable home office

The level of comfort is mostly the best thing about working from home. However, did you know that this comfort can lessen your productivity and target goals? Your home might be convenient for working; however, many people tend to coop up in their couches or beds. This makes it difficult to resists the temptation to sleep.

Therefore, you will have to choose between your comfort, which can be very demotivating, or decide to come out of the typical home setting as your home office.

Choosing a specific place for your home office will help you increase your work productivity. To get the best place for your home office, pick a corner of your house with good lighting and organize your desk. This will help keep you focused on your work.

Use quality technology

Working from home has many advantages as well as disadvantages. And as much as many people love working from home at their own pace, things like poor internet connection and using an outdated system can be very demoralizing.

Think about what will happen when you are attending an important meeting, and suddenly you lose your internet connection. You will feel embarrassed and also miss out on any significant discussion that is taking place. To avoid such disappointments, ensure that you install a proficient Wi-Fi router.

Having a stable and reliable internet connection is the ultimate tool for you. And to get a pocket-friendly and dependable internet connection, you will have to do comprehensive research on all the plans offered by an internet provider, learn their requirements, get referrals from friends and go through the buying process.

You should also have a sound working system to increase your overall productivity. A broken or non-functional machine can really break the momentum. Therefore, not having or using the right device can pose a significant challenge to your productivity. Ensure that you invest in the right technology and device from reputable brands.Make sure that the device you pick has all the latest technology, versions of processors as well as operating systems. And if you rely on Media Duplication Services, ensure that you invest in the newest duplication tools.

Get rid of distractions

Many distractions can decrease your productivity when working from home. Things like kids, house chores, and television can prevent you from accomplishing something you want. To avoid distractions, consider using a calendar. A daily calendar will help you recall everything you need to do and stay focused.

You are more likely to focus on your work if you know your distractions. Identify all your major distractions and get rid of them before you start working. Turn off everything that is not relevant to whatever work you are doing.

To reduce the distraction from your kids, ensure that you share a calendar with the rest of the family members. This will help them know when you will be working and when you will be free.

Clutter can be another form of distraction. Ensure that you create a clean workplace. Set up your desk and chair and keep everything you need for work in one place. Don’t make your workplace messy; declutter to get an improved concentration and better productivity.


You have enough flexibility when working from home. However, you are less likely to get out of your home office. According to a recent study, workers who exercise had improved well-being, improved time management, and workload completed on the days they took part in physical activities.

Everybody wants to increase their productivity levels, but things might not work as you expected. You then ask yourself what you are doing wrong; exercise could be your answer.

Exercise can increase your general productivity and keeps you healthy. Apart from giving you an energy boost, exercise is known to improve your mental capacity. Taking part in various physical activities can also help reduce stress, improve your performance, combat fatigue and boost your mood.

As a natural stress reliever, exercise helps reduce chronic stress that is very common in workers. Exercising enables you to get a good night’s sleep; therefore, you wake up well-rested and ready to start a new day. The best exercise for you when you are working from home are:

Try to take some time off to exercise in a quiet environment. To get the most benefits from working out, consider waking up early in the morning, choosing a suitable place, exercising for fifteen minutes, and repeating this routine every day. You can increase the time duration if you want to.

Get regular sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for your general well-being. This means that you are most alert and dynamic during the day. Sleep helps your body recover. When you sleep, your body tissues restore and reinforce themselves. Additionally, your heart relaxes, and your blood pressure tends to change to improve your cardiovascular health.

Besides, sleep helps to improve your moods and promote your brain function. Sleep deprivation can really take a toll on your productivity. Losing a single hour of sleep can have a significant impact on your ability to function. Insufficient sleep can also lead to workplace injuries and accidents.

To improve your quality of sleep and increase your productivity, enhance your sleep hygiene. You can do that by waking up and sleeping at the same time. This will help your body settle down into a constant sleep rhythm.

Additionally, try to develop a bedtime routine. To get better sleep, avoid any artificial lights from computers, television, and smartphones. This type of light will stimulate your mind and keep you up. Instead, make your bedroom a quieter and more relaxing place, take a warm shower, meditate, read a book or listen to soothing music.

Do you find yourself drooping at midday? Consider taking a power nap. Nap for at least ten to twenty minutes to give you an alertness boost and perform well at work.

Eat well

One of the benefits of working from home is access to your kitchen or pantry. You get tempted to take a break and head to the kitchen to grab your favorite snack. But, did you know that being on a healthy diet is essential when you are working? This means that you have to consume foods that will help you focus better instead of draining your liveliness.

At home, you have access to whichever food you want. However, instead of reaching for those junk foods, consider taking energized meals for lunch, drink plenty of water, and include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Check out Epicure for easy, fast and health Meal Solutions, along with all of the recipes I share!

The Bottom Line

Working from home has both advantages and disadvantages.  However, you should do everything you can to balance working from home and homeschooling your kids. Increase your productivity at work by eating well, choosing the right home office, getting, regular sleep and exercising. Ensure that you use the right technology and get rid of all distractions.

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