Top Tech Careers; Futureproof Your Career

Software Developer

One of the most popular and growing tech careers is that of a software developer. The demand has been galvanized by the increasing demands for mobile apps and computer programs. Software developers commonly design and develop, test, and modify applications as well as operating systems and interfaces. Software developers often require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or mathematics; not to mention understanding technical code such as Java and the different web stacks available for software development. 

Web Developer

If you have a skillset for technology but you don’t have the formal qualification to pad out your resume, a web developer is one of the tech careers for you. Web developers create and maintain websites. Web developers’ work can be split into two, back-end development and front-end development. Back-end developers work on the technology behind the scenes of a website needed to enable its usage whereas front-end developers work primarily on the aesthetics of implementing the look and usage that is desired. Then of course there are full stack developers who can do both back and front end web development and understand all of the components required to create a website.  

Data Scientist

While the role of a data scientist may not be a new one, the technological expertise required is growing all of the time. A data scientist will be able to compile, process, analyze and present data for a company or organization in order for it to be able to make informed decisions. The fact of the matter is that companies and organizations from every industry, be it entertainment or healthcare, governmental or private, have the capability to collect a whole raft of company data on performance, finance, productivity, almost anything. This data can then be used to make sensible and reliable company forecasts and decisions. The role of a skilled data scientist will be a sought-after and valued career for years to come. 

Cloud Engineer

Unlike data scientists, the role of cloud engineers is relatively new and has seen a rapid rise in demand. This is largely a direct result of the recently increased requirement to work remotely, in light of the restrictions bought about by the pandemic. A cloud engineer is responsible for monitoring and managing a company’s cloud system and processes. Cloud computing has become essential for businesses so it stands to reason there is a need for skilled professionals who can develop, maintain and troubleshoot any issues. Given that it does not look like remote or home working is going anywhere anytime soon and, in fact, may well be here to stay, the career of cloud engineer is looking like a safe bet to futureproof your career in technology. 

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